Binod Meme Trend Meaning



This video gone viral and indians picked binod name and now spamming binod everywhere on facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube. How one youtube comment sparked the most bizarre meme trend it all started with a video put out by youtube channel slayy point, where creators abhyudaya and gautami decided to explore the comments section in one of their videos.

Binod Meme Trend Meaning boujee Boujee, Fashion, Look thinner

And some binod trend related funny memes gone viral too.

Binod Meme Trend Meaning

Binod meme trend meaning. A meme named 'binod' has been going viral on the internet which has left many netizens wondering why is the word 'binod' trending on various portals like twitter. The trend with endless memes suddenly left everyone rather perplexed on “what is this binod meme all about?” “why is binod meme trending? In this trend, users use hashtag binod to call everything or everyone.

The meme makers just can’t get enough of it! For more such updates, stay hooked on to the live mirror. Tinder india got busy searching for ms.

Binod meaning in social media | binod memes trending in hindi क्यों हो रहा है इतना trend binod जाने उससे जुड़े हुए memes और साडी चीजे आखिर है कोन ये binod It originated from a youtube comment by a user named binod tharu, who had not uploaded any videos and was only adding his first name in the comment section of youtube videos. Mumbai police on the other side also posted a joke on ‘binod’.

Soon, #binod was written all over many youtubers’ comments section and soon it became a trend! Binod memes why binod memes trending binod meme trend story binod memes why in hindi binod meme meaning binod meme trend story in hindi binod memes reason binod meme. Binod was a youtube comment that became a viral meme in india in august 2020.

The binod meme became the king of the meme game. Sometimes there might be a good reason behind a specific trend. Recently a youtube channel slay point posted a roasting video about every indian comment section.

August 07, 2020, 10:02 ist And so on… how and when the “binod” trend started? What is binod meme all about:

Indian youtubers noticed the name binod written all over their comments section and it quickly became a trend. Though twitter is known to trend bizarre hashtags all the time, #binod was evidently odd enough even for the platform. Log on to any online platform and you cannot miss it.

The trend soon shifted to twitter, where it caught the eye of a number of meme makers. Hashtag binod made its way to become top trending on twitter as well. The viral binod meme has left many of us perplexed.

Though twitter is known to trend bizarre hashtags all the time, #binod was evidently odd enough even for the platform. Binod binod viral bizarre comments bizarre trend indian comment section funny indian comments section indian youtube channel slayy point slayy point binod slayy point binod video viral binod viral meme viral video who is binod why is binod trending youtube youtube channel; Soon their sarcastic take on one such comment gave birth to a meme trend.

What is the meaning of binod? If the fomo syndrome got you too, we have you covered. Paytm changed its twitter username.

However, the 'binod' meme also managed to reach dr. A name ‘binod’ trended all day on twitter, with netizens flooding social media sites with posts and memes on the trending buzz word. The ‘binod’ meme has taken social media by storm.

Obviously baffled by the random response, netizens came up with their own version of ‘binod’ified memes that went viral the very moment they were posted. At first, it left people scratching their heads but now it has them laughing. Binod as a trend grew very fast and almost everyone’s social media feed is flooded with binod memes.

Why binod is trending right now? As you probably know that on the internet anything at any time may start trending. On saturday, a bizarre trend took over twitter, leaving social media users perplexed.

'binod' then you know it has overtaken twitter over the past few days. Binod and his memes have been all over the internet airwaves in recent times. If you’ve been following the latest meme trend i.e.

The microblogging platform was then flooded with a number of binod memes, and the bizarre trend only grew. Who is binod in memes? Starting in august, “#binod” took over the social media meme world and everyone is just going nuts about it.

So we scraped the surface to see what’s beneath this bizarre new twitter trend and it turns out everything is binod. The latest inclusion to twitter’s bizarre trends that often result in hilarious bouquet of jokes and memes is 'binod'. Here are some awesome binod memes.

Internet turning everything into ‘binod’ soon, after the name become a huge trend on social media, the official page of paytm responded to it changing its handle name to ‘binod’ on twitter. Yes, we are talking about the omnipresent binod. A meme based on the name binod has been going viral on several social media and people have been wondering the meaning and reason behind this ‘binod’ trend.

Binod meaning in social media binod meme meaning binod meme trend binod memes why slayypoint binod trend what is binod in social media what is binod meme what is binod trend who is binod why is binod trending in india. Binod as a meme trend became quite famous since abhyudaya mohan and gautami kawale, the creators of a youtube channel named slayy point uploaded a video featuring all the trash and funny comments under their videos. This strange meme has gone viral on twitter in india and this is why

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